Why Regular Dental Checkups Are Smart Evolution

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Did you ever buy yourself, or your kids, a shark tooth necklace? You know, the kind that you find at a beach-front souvenir shop? Jewelry-makers don’t have to pluck these teeth from the mouth of Jaws. Sharks go through over 30,000 teeth in their lifetime, and many fossilized teeth wash up on the shore as beach-combers’ treasures.

Sharks can afford to lose their gnashers because they can replace a whole set of teeth in 2 weeks. That’s right. While you’re enjoying your yearly vacation, a shark somewhere has grown a new set of teeth.

Likewise, elephants will keep replacing their molars until the age of 40. Even crocodiles periodically replace their teeth. But they also have dentists, the Egyptian plovers.


Sharks, crocodiles, and elephants can replace their teeth. We, on the other hand, can only expect two sets of teeth.

We also need to have at least two yearly routine appointments to take care of those precious teeth. You see, because unlike the animals that refresh their chompers until they are old, our teeth are subjected to 50+ years of assault from modern menus that include processed foods.

You think that biting through bones and chewing palm leaves would be bad for teeth. But our diets — even healthy ones — are full of carbohydrates, sugars, and a plethora of unnatural substances that accelerate tooth decay.

Plaque and tartar build up around our gums, leading to problems like bad breath, cavities, and gum disease.

Without early intervention, cavities get bigger and deeper, and gum disease spreads. What begins as a minor nagging can grow into a painful and expensive problem later on.

We often can’t detect these problems on our own. That’s why regular dental exams are smart evolution: they help us make the best of what we have.


The good news is that many common dental problems can be identified and treated before they become elephant-sized headaches.

Going to Dream Smile Dental at least twice a year for a dental hygiene appointment will help keep you and your children healthier and happier.

At your exam, your dentist will do a thorough examination and cleaning that will help you:

Maintain a fresher mouth and a more beautiful smile

Solve existing problems and help you prevent tooth loss

Check for serious diseases so you can catch them early

Regular exams also save you time and money in the long run.

And, while Dream Smile Dental can do interventions when problems arise, most people who do not like visiting the dentist even once a year wouldn’t want to come for several big treatments.

At Dream Smile Dental, our expert team of doctors and hygienists make your regular check-ups fun and easy. Stacey and Courtney, our two extremely knowledgeable and professional dental hygienists who do a very thorough job cleaning your teeth and examining your overall oral health.

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