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High Tech Imaging with Minimal Radiation


We are one of the few dental offices to have the Picasso Trio, a three dimensional imaging system which takes the highest quality x-rays without intra oral sensors. Patients are asked to bite down on a small tab and the machine moves around the patient’s head to capture the x-ray image in less than 15 seconds using 50% less radiation than most digital x-ray systems.





The clarity and precision of the panoramic image, which is what had replaced the necessity of 18 small x-rays, vividly outlines areas of decay.

A cephalometric film shows an x-ray image of the entire skull which is used in orthodontic treatment and is very helpful in measuring the airway.

Measurement of the airway, paired with the use of 3D jaw scan helps pinpoint the proper position of the jaw.

This is helpful because if dental restorations such as crowns, bridges and veneers are placed while the patient’s jaw is in the correct position, it can relieve TMJ symptoms such as headaches, jaw pain, neck and back pain, ringing in the ears and tingling of the fingers.

A three dimensional scan of the entire jaw is also used to accurately simulate an implant. The dentist can measure depth, evaluate the bone quality and prepare for exact implant placement. This increases the success of the implant because almost all factors of surgery are precisely predicted and planned for.

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