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The Haiti earthquake was a tragic event that impacted the nation. Dream Smile Dental, with the help of our patients, made a donation to Habitat for Humanity sending relief to the citizens of Haiti.



Dream Smile Dental feels it's very important to honor those of distinguished courage. Drs. Ronkin and Shwartzman are contributors to The Heroes program, founded by John Travolta, which offers detoxification treatment for firefighters, policemen, and other workers who are exposed to toxins while saving the lives of others.


Most funds go to the heroes of 911 who inhaled the poisonous gases lingering in the air from the explosions and building matter while looking for missing people. The Heroes program restores the health of these brave people who have sacrificed themselves to save others.


For the first week of February, every $100 Dream Smile Dental Brings in, we will donate a Dollar to the Haiti Relief Fund.

If you have any dental work or hygiene to be done, do it now and let's bring Relief to Haiti together.


Environmental safety is one of Dream Smile Dental's top priorities. Every toxic material is disposed of properly, strictly abiding by all state protocols and taking the extra step to increase the safety of our patients, staff and the environment. Utilizing digital x-rays decreases radiation 90%, which is safer for the patient as well as less hazardous to the environment.

Dream Smile Dental is now going more green than ever! We have decreased paper use more than ever before and have transferred most of our paper use into digital. Insurance claims, insurance benefit inquiries, patient surveys, consent forms, dental progress notes, The DSD Newsletter, all faxing and many other documents previously done on paper are now in digital form.

We encourage you to keep our planet healthy!


Oral cancer strikes three times as many victims as cervical cancer. It is one of the few types of cancer that has not seen a significant reduction in incidence over the past thirty years, and recent research has shown a strong association with Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), which can be sexually transmitted. For this reason, many oral health care professionals now believe that all individuals over the age of 18 should have at least an annual comprehensive oral examination, and ideally at every dental hygiene visit.


Dream Smile Dental agrees with this and does, in fact, perform an Oral Cancer Screening at every hygiene visit using VelScope, a newly purchased state-of-the-art technology that saves lives and decreases risk up to 80%. In an effort to bring awareness about the dangers of Oral Cancer, Dream Smile Dental dedicated Saturday, April 12th and opened its doors to the community for FREE Oral Cancer Screenings with VelScope.


In an effort to minimize crime in our society and make the world a safer place, Dream Smile Dental supports the Second Chance Program.

The Second Chance Program is a unique social rehabilitation model in the criminal justice system that offers drug rehabilitation as well as education and self-respect components to help reduce criminal behavior. The program delivered to offenders in secure settings additionally provides Social Workers to help transition and reintegrate the offender back into society.

"In government and university studies, with thousands of cases studied, over a six-year period the normal rate of criminal recidivism of 70% to 80% was reduced to less than 10%."

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