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You won’t feel a thing with sedation dentistry!

We know that going to the dentist can be a stressful experience. Many patients skip their regular checkups and maintain less than optimal oral health. We’re here to help! Our team will help you maintain excellent oral health without any anxiety by using sedation dentistry.

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Sedation Dentistry, Canton MA?

What Is Sedation Or Sleep Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is also called relaxation or sleep dentistry. You won’t actually be asleep, but when we provide you with sedation, you will feel very sleepy, comfortable, and virtually no pain while we provide you with the treatment you need. Sedation is effective and extremely safe. Our team and Sedation Dentists are specially trained to offer you sedation and closely monitor your progress during your dental treatment.

Sedation Options

Local Anesthesia

Local anesthesia is most frequently to numb the area being worked on. The Sedation Dentist can give it to you by injection or swabbing a topical anesthetic gel on the injection site. Depending on the type and amount, you may feel numb for as little as five minutes up to three hours after your treatment.


NuCalm is a proprietary clinical system that naturally relaxes the body within minutes without drugs or side effects. This is made possible by interrupting the body’s natural stress response and suspends the body in parasympathetic nervous system dominance, allowing for the body to transition into a deeply relaxed state.

Learn more about Nucalm

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

With nitrous oxide, we place a small inhaler over your nose. At first, this provides pure oxygen for you to breath. After a few minutes, we’ll introduce nitrous oxide into the oxygen flow. Most patients say that nitrous makes them feel light-headed and comfortably warm throughout the appointment.

While we treat you, you’ll be completely conscious. The Sedation Dentist or our team will ask you questions about how you feel, so we can adjust the flow of nitrous. At the end of our treatment, we’ll give you oxygen again and after we’re done, you can leave Dream Smile Dental feeling clear-headed.

Prescribed Anti-Anxiety Medication

In some cases, the sedation dentist may choose to prescribe a dosage of anti-anxiety medication such as Valium. This has a relaxing and calming effect on the patient and puts the patient into a tranquil and semi-drowsy state. This type of sedation requires that the patient follows the medication instructions specifically and is escorted to and from the appointment.

Oral Sedation

If you don’t want to remember your visit or if we need to perform complex treatments, we may provide oral sedation. Before your dental appointment, we prescribe a sedative. You should take this an hour before your visit. Someone will need to accompany you to our office, as you will be very drowsy when you arrive. From there, we will escort you to our opertory and place you on a monitor to watch your vital signs. While you won’t be completely unconscious, you probably won’t realize when the appointment has started. Once complete, your companion can escort you home to relax.

Is Sedation Safe?

Yes, sedation is safe and works well. Before we can give you any sedation, however, we need to discuss your medical history with you. We will ask whether you or anyone in your family has had difficulty with sedation or anesthetics. We also want to know if you are pregnant, taking steroids, or on any medication.

Am I A Good Candidate For Sedation?

If you have had a past traumatic dental experience, difficulty becoming numb, a bad gag reflex, very sensitive teeth, or complex dental problems, sedation might be right for you. Sedation eliminates anxiety by helping patients stay calm and relaxed. Most patients have little to no memory of the dental procedure. If you need extensive or complex dental treatments, sedation may reduce the number of appointments necessary to accomplish your treatment plan. Finally, by helping patients decrease their overall anxiety, many patients don’t need sedation during their next visit.

If I Need Treatment And Want Sedation, What Happens During The Initial Visit?

When you schedule a visit with the sedation dentist, we will first have you come to our practice for a consultation appointment. During this visit, the sedation dentist will review your medical history, measure your vital signs, evaluate if you are a good candidate for sedation, and discuss the options you have to achieve the level of relaxation that will make your experience in the dental office very pleasant.

We are proud to be members of The Sedation Dentistry Network, an elite group of sedation trained and certified dentists. The Sedation Dentistry Network is the largest network in Massachusetts of dentists committed to providing an anxiety free dental experience through various methods including Oral Conscious Sedation. To learn more visit:

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